15 tips for camping in the cold

15 tips for camping in the cold

Do not sleep directly on the floor.

To isolate ourselves from the cold and humidity of the soil, it can be done in two ways:

1) Place cardboard or plastic under the store. If you did not fall to take them to the camp, putting grass can also serve, in addition to soften the ground on which you go to sleep.

2) Spread some thermal blankets between the floor of the store and the bags. These blankets are perfect to use, because they are light, do not bulge and are cheap.

Wear the right clothes

3) Thermal or synthetic garments maintain heat better than cotton garments.

4) Avoid tight clothing. Although carrying several layers is better than a single thick one (between the layers an air chamber is created that maintains the temperature) it is not recommended that the clothes tighten too much. It would cut off the blood circulation and cool us down.

5) Wear gloves and thick socks. The hands and feet are very susceptible to cool easily, increasing the feeling of cold in the rest of the body. Therefore, keeping warm hands and feet covering them with these garments improves body temperature.

Sweat as little as possible

6) Avoid covering yourself with excessive layers, because you can get to sweat and it is not good that the sweat cools later. If we have heat, it is better to unbutton a little the clothes that we wear avoiding the condensation in our interior.

Protect the tent from the wind

7) Place the tent near a wall, or build a wall with rocks to avoid direct contact with the wind. Even, you could mount it inside a cave!

8) Orient the tent perpendicular to the wind, thus preventing it from entering directly through the entrance.

Get in the bag

Needless to say, never get in the wet bag or wet clothes. But if you already knew:

9) Adjust the hood of the bag well, lifting the zipper up and pulling on the laces. By the head is where much of the heat is lost and thus we will prevent our heat from escaping or from entering fresh from the outside.

Adjust the size of the bag

10) Fill the empty spaces of your bag with clothes or tie a knot around the remaining part. This prevents cold air pockets from forming and takes a long time to warm up.

On the other hand, if the sac is too small, you may not be completely covering your body and you will be tighter.

 11) Put hot water bottles inside the bag. It is a good technique to heat it before getting inside and the heat will remain for about 6 or 8 hours.

12) Hydration is very important during a camping trip in the cold. It can deceive us to think that with the cold we are not perspiring, but liquid is lost without realizing it.

13) Human warmth. Do not leave empty spaces between you and your store mates, you will be creating a gap where cold air can sneak in. In addition, the human body releases heat that can be transmitted from one to another.

14) Try to evacuate the bladder before going to bed. Urinating at low temperatures produces chills and you may be spared because of it.

15) The best thing to keep cool is ... leave in July.

I hope that I have served you and that you enjoy your trip.

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