What to take to camping on the beach and in the mountains?

What to take to camping on the beach and in the mountains?

What to take to camping on the beach and in the mountains?

You cheer up with your friends to escape to the beach or the mountain weekend, you like this time to enjoy the experience to the fullest, with much responsibility and caution Do you plan to camp with friends but do not know what to bring?

Here we present a list with the basic equipment you need

* Tent, pegs, stakes, hammer and ropes.

* First aid kit and basic medicines.

* Lamps and flashlights with their batteries.

* Folding chairs and table.

* Multi-purpose knife, openers and lighter.

* Map of the place, compass or GPS.

* Bag with all personal documents.

* Trash bags.

* Food cans and non-perishable food.

* Bottles of water.

* Cell phones with balance and battery with their chargers.

* Sleeping bag or inflatable bed and pillow.

* Personal items: brush and toothpaste, comb, toilet paper, shampoo, mirror, tampons or towels.

* Shovel and brush kit to clean the tent inside.

Do not forget to take to the beach: cap or hat and sunglasses, sunscreen, a cave with ice, swimwear, fresh clothes, rackets and balls, snack snacks and fresh fruit.

Do not forget to take the mountain: waterproof jacket, gloves and stockings; mosquito repellent, warm clothing, blankets, sturdy shoes and utensils to eat.

Camping, both on the beach and in the mountains, can become a very enriching experience with your friends. What are you waiting for to take advantage of this vacation and get out of the routine with this plan?

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